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The Axeboy's Blues

The Axeboy’s Blues

A magical sci-fi/fantasy tale woven into the city of New Orleans, following a group of Agents devoted to protecting the city from those who would see her harmed. In a world filled to the brim with ghosts, strange creatures and even stranger humans, can the Agents travel into the very worlds of the dead to stop an enemy that has jumped through time itself?


**cover by Brandon Jenkins**



Spectacle of the Extension

One night the painting Em has been working on for months comes to life, its presence causing her to question the decisions she’s made and her relationship with reality. As the creature travels through Em’s world and she is drawn ever deeper into its own reality, they both unearth secrets about each other and the worlds around them.

**cover by Julia Y**



Andy Reynolds was a gambler born in New Orleans in 1898. He lived a very messy yet deliberate life, and despite surviving numerous brushes with yellow fever, died quite young in 1936 – an event involving at least one street magician, five insidious cats and a stained glass window. Three incarnations later and he again resides in New Orleans, this time as a writer of fiction and an imbiber of whiskey and local knowledge.

He also writes and reads on stage for the New Orleans based group Esoterotica.

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