who am i?


Andy Reynolds was a gambler born in New Orleans in 1898. He lived a very messy yet deliberate life, and despite surviving numerous brushes with yellow fever, died quite young in 1936 – an event involving at least one street magician, five insidious cats and a stained glass window. Three incarnations later and he again resides in New Orleans, this time as a writer of fiction and an imbiber of whiskey and local knowledge.

His first novel is Spectacle of the Extension, and his second is The Axeboy’s Blues.

Andy also performs spoken word around the city, most notably with Esoterotica, a biweekly reading of erotic and semi-erotic stories and poetry.  Some of these pieces are published in Esoterotica’s anthologies, as well as their audio CDs.

He can be reached at:     Andy@AndyReynolds.net

Facebook:     @AndyWritings

Twitter:    @AndyWritings

Instagram:    @AndyWritings