Wall of Plotting!

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been getting ready to move across town and have also had relatives visiting from out of state. But I’m back into scribbling down things down!

So I took off about a week and a half from writing. Before that I was stuck trying to organize & rework the part of Volume 2 that I have already written (about 140 pages). I used note cards on a wall, similar to the above picture.

Last Sunday I went back to my plot with fresh eyes, and actually plotted out the entire novel, rather than focusing on what I already had. That’s what is pictured here.

So it might not look like much, but this is freaking huge for me, because I figured out how all of my ideas for the book tie together in ways that I think will work very well.

I’m also, of course, writing shorter pieces often for Esoterotica, a biweekly event in New Orleans where I read my work on stage. So this week I’ll be working on Volume 2 as well as a new piece for the stage.