Inspired by Movie Trailers

Just settled in to write for the afternoon, and saw that there was a new trailer for Logan, the next Wolverine movie. Both trailers for this movie have been phenomenal, full of emotion, heartbreak and action.

I didn’t have a chapter I necessarily had to write next, there were several to choose from. But after watching the Logan trailer, I realized which chapter I had to start writing. “Oh, that one,” I said to myself, suddenly realizing what kind of emotions I was about to step into.

I’m in a section of the book (The Agents Of, Volume 2) where I’m delving into the characters of The Agents, delving into their back stories. The chapter I’m starting is one that’s been in my head for a long time, following the leader, Julius. It goes into his history, his family, where he came from. Imagine a man in the city of New Orleans, which is farely small in the way of cities, who has basically estranged his own family – not because of anything they did, but because he has dozens of lives worth of memories floating around in his head, along with a god, and is hell-bent on protecting the city from anything that might harm it. All of this doesn’t give much time for family life.

But also imagine what those family members would feel if he suddenly showed up after a year, missing a leg and an arm, healed scars trailing up his neck. Imagine what his mother would feel, what she would say…