Ghost & The Ballroom

Amidst the crowded ballroom
vexed with vixens,
stained with satin
with dancers flowing steadily from the tap,
I see her.

Unearthly charm,
uneasy whimsy.

“Who are you, ghostly specter?
Whilst mine eyes
they tear,
whilst my heart it bends?”

she speaks.

“I am Inevitable Poetry. Wrapped up tight in half-used candles and yesterday’s whiskey. I’ll tear all these gowns off in my mind’s eye, let the caskets prop themselves up against the sky, and hold them ransom for reasons as of yet unknown.”

My mind it twists like lemon,
cracks like ice dipped in water,
her radiance reaches out to touch
my eyes,
spinning my irises like dual
combination locks.

“Phantom!” I say.
“What do I call thee?
The one with whom madness
doth court ecstasy?”

“I am Inedible Alchemy. Worrisome and weary, but do you value me? A splintered touch, a movement rushed, like a compass drawing out its radius. Once famous, now left with eyelashes wet with ink, so waking comes with pillows doused in script, carnal secrets written from edge to edge.”

At the echo of her step
the dancers shed their cloth confines,
falling upon each other
with mouth and skin.
A sea of ecstasy & movement
yet she walks among them,
a silent siren,
a priest on holy land.

“Take my coat with its tales,
take my shoes with their polish,
rip the brim from my top hat
that you may bind me with it!
But do, I pray!
Do tell me your name!
Who affects the world so?”

“I, sir? I am Insoluble Brevity. I may be quiet, but my words scream for me. The volume is hot in here, so pardon me, while I loosen up my frailty and drink your anonymity.

“You can call me Inaudible Ecstasy. Lovers steal away to every crevice of this hall, scraping at the walls, and on their escaping moans I do ride. I do not hide, nor do I lie. Like a word transfixed, I hang in glittering pieces like a chandelier from the rafters. One need only look up. There are those who covet my laughter, to keep in small cages & nurture to adulthood.

“But who, pray tell, are you? And what are you doing in my dream?”