Dame of the Eagle Saloon

Yeah, I loved you
eyeing me from across the room
fingers walkin’ down that
talkin’ trumpet
your eyes and mine
having just met
the first time

Of course I’d seed your kind
all new & exploring
you could not be
more green

Yeah, I knew you’d
saunter up to my table
& bite on my feigned surprise.
Was it my hair that you complimented?
Or was it my lace, my dress,
my countenance?

Spillin’ words & splashin’ gin,
my mind soaked &
headlong towards
what I knew was wrong.

Oh, but there you were
touching me with the fingertips
of your eyes
pacifying the cries
of my thoughts,
your words hooking into
sucking at my wants

I knew I’d fall into
your fistful of sheets
that your fingers would meet
pressing down on the keys
of my spine
lion & sheep
which am I?

Yeah, I loved you
my name pouring from your lips
my mane purring
against your hips
my skin
your skin

Face against hot face,
rolling bodies of steam
I am an unhinged dream
but what are you to me?

Yeah, I loved you
but my past is laced with poisons
dark & dazed liaisons
crumpled against the wall
and bubbling
against reason

Yet each night I met with you
your moans pulling me
into a world where
my nightmares
held no truth

Oh and how you’d gaze down at me
skin bursting with that
brazen heat
the moonlit curtains
giving you
glowing wings
“Baby, you should not be with me”

Oh but how I’d
pull you on top of me
only you
could topple me
but you couldn’t stop the things
that had come to be

Yeah I warned you
of the figures
keeping warm in my shadow
yet you had to know
had to press for more
until I could not keep you
“Baby, they will shred you.”

Yeah, I let you
distill in me
pretty stills & imagery
each caress each pretty word
buzzing across my skin
killing off my questions

If only I could
live between your sheets
where the two of our lives meet
where I am you
you are me

But here we are
in the middle of the empty street
while everyone else dreams
I told you
they’d never stop looking for me

Yeah, I loved you
the stars above begin to cry
I lift up my dress
reaching down between my thighs
a small revolver
gleaming silver in streetlight

Yeah, I loved you
but I will not let them take you