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New Novel Nearly Finished!

The first installment in my new novel series The Agents Of is nearly finished.  Hopefully I’ll be publishing it on Createspace/Amazon/Kindle in a couple of months.  I’m currently having it proof read and am working on getting a cover painted up for me.

For more info on the series check out my The Agents Of page.

Also check out this Sample Chapter with my character Roman Wing.

My blog on Goodreads:   The City Between the City

My Facebook Author Page:    AndyWriting

Fringe Fest show: Beyond Desire

For this past New Orleans Fringe Festival I co-wrote a performance with 10 of my Esoterotica compatriots, entitled Beyond Desire.   The performance was a big success, being standing room only the last two nights.

People laughed and people cried each night we put it on.  It received a great review from New Orleans’ Offbeat Magazine (which you can read by clicking here).

This was the first time any of my work has been acted out on stage, and the first time I’ve co-written such a large piece of work, not to mention the first time I’ve had any work reviewed by a magazine!  The whole experience was very exciting and fulfilling, and has given me several ideas for future creative endeavors!

Also, if you missed it, we’re talking about possibly putting the show back up in the Spring of 2015…