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Busy at work…

There might not be a lot of posts at the moment, as I’m hard at work on The Agents Of :: Volume II, the sequel to The Axeboy’s Blues.

I’m really excited about the story so far, and about being able to delve further into the main characters’ psyches and backstories!

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Work on the Sequel

Writing at Beale Street Brews

I just got back from visiting family in Arizona, and got a few chapters of The Agents Of :: Volume II all scribbled down.  I wrote at Beale Street Brews in the town of Kingman, just off Route 66, where they roast their own coffee and make really pretty and delicious lattes.

As you may know, I’ve been working on the sequel for months, but my work has consisted of character backstory & development (of old and new characters), plot lines, interweaving different parts of the story, researching places for settings – thing like that.

I have also started a very exciting collaborative project with my friend Kallie, which I’ll be posting more about in the future.  Here’s some links to her work if you want to check her out and hear some of her music:

Evidently I’m also a playwrite.

Evidently now I’m also a playwrite! A 60-second play of mine was accepted into the Faster Than a Speeding Bullet Play Fest, a barrage of 60 one-minute plays, all super-hero themed. Tons of different writers, actors and directors are collaborating.

It’s only going on for two nights in New Orleans, this very week, and is $12 if you order your ticket early. And they’re giving away nerdy prizes (like The Axeboy’s Blues!) if you come in costume!

Friday 6/10 & Saturday 6/11, at The Theatre at St. Claude. Doors at 7:30, show at 8.

Faster Bullet Fest

The Agents Of :: Volume II

window desk

(This is a photo of my writing desk, which I got from Serendipity in exchange for favors that shall not be named.)

I’m currently developing the sequel to The Axeboy’s Blues. I’m very much still in the development phase, and am creating and detailing the lives of the newer characters, most notably the antagonists.

Something from my notes, about the villains of the novel:

“If one of them dies, I want the reader to cry.”

I want the villains to be so very real, and for the reader to get attached to them.

Since The Agents Of are established in Volume I, the plot of the second book is going to be a lot more layered. I’m having a ton of fun developing it, creating tons of history, half of which probably won’t even end up in the novel.

The other aspect I’ve worked a lot on is really delving into the Agents – both into their pasts and into who they are as people.

More updates soon!


Website Construction

Pardon some of the wonky pictures, I’m redesigning how my website works. Most of it is all finished, but there are random corners that tend to get unraveled, as corners tend to do.

Reading at Esoterotica Wed May 11th

As you may know, I read and publish erotica, love poems and the like with Esoterotica, a New Orleans-based group.

I’ll be reading an older piece this Wednesday, May 11th, at The AllWays Lounge (2240 Saint Claude, in The Marigny).

I’m so excited that I’ve been part of the group long enough to have “old” pieces that I can read, that a lot of the new attendees haven’t heard. It’s really a great group of people and writers. I get tons of inspiration every time I go.

Hope to see you there!

Blog/News things…

Hello hello!

First off, I’ve decided to use this as a blog space, as well as for news! So check back if you want to keep up with me.

I’ve got The Axeboy’s Blues in several spots in the French Quarter, and a few places outside of it. For a list of where to get my new novel in New Orleans, click here.

I’m up to 12 Amazon reviews, and have a few more on the way. If you finish either of my books and want to leave a review, it helps out a small author like me immensely!

The Axeboy’s Blues is Published!

books pic

The Axeboy’s Blues is finally finished and out to explore the world!  (Click link for more info on the story)

If you’re in New Orleans, my new novel can be found at CJ Nero (Gallery & Gifts), at 839 Spain Street.  Their hours are Wednesday through Friday 10-6, and Saturday & Sunday 11-7.

My book is on Amazon here:  The Axeboy’s Blues

There will be a Kindle version coming soon, as well as info for the Book Release Party in February!