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Talking about books…

This Saturday! I’ll be hanging out at Tubby & Coo’s Mid-City Book Shop in New Orleans from 1:30-6pm, talking to you about The Axeboy’s Blues, Spectacle of the Extension, writing, New Orleans, and anything else you feel like talking about!
There will be plenty of authors hanging out talking about books all day, starting at 11am. So come by and hang out, get some books, and support your local Geeky Sci-Fi Fantasy Book Shop! (They also have board games!!!)
Tubby & Coos is located at 631 Carrolton Ave.

Wall of Plotting!

Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been getting ready to move across town and have also had relatives visiting from out of state. But I’m back into scribbling down things down!

So I took off about a week and a half from writing. Before that I was stuck trying to organize & rework the part of Volume 2 that I have already written (about 140 pages). I used note cards on a wall, similar to the above picture.

Last Sunday I went back to my plot with fresh eyes, and actually plotted out the entire novel, rather than focusing on what I already had. That’s what is pictured here.

So it might not look like much, but this is freaking huge for me, because I figured out how all of my ideas for the book tie together in ways that I think will work very well.

I’m also, of course, writing shorter pieces often for Esoterotica, a biweekly event in New Orleans where I read my work on stage. So this week I’ll be working on Volume 2 as well as a new piece for the stage.

I’m giving a Sci-Fi Writing Workshop

Tubby & Coo’s, a wonderful nerd/fantasy/sci-fi book shop here in New Orleans, is having their 3rd year anniversary this Saturday, Sept. 2nd. They’re doing events all day, and the owner is interviewing me about writing genre fiction set in New Orleans. The interview/talk is from 11am to noon. I’m really excited for it!
Here’s their website if you want to check them out:
For a link to the Facebook event, click here.

My Patreon Page

My Patreon site is all set up, and I made a video about it! Consider supporting me as a writer, and get access to the inner workings of my mind. You’ll also be able to ask me questions you have about my characters, where I get my ideas from, things like that. At higher levels, I’ll send you snippets of what I’m working on, along with “An Adventure Story Starring You,” and more!

My YouTube Channel is up!

I’ve got my YouTube channel all set up, so I’ll be putting videos up there pretty frequently. Here’s one of my newer pieces, called “Oh, Black Cat”. Please subscribe if you use YouTube, so you can see new videos when they come up.

Geek Fest 2017

I was invited to Geek Fest last Saturday, 5/20, and got to be on a panel with my writer friend Zach Bartlett and acclaimed author Claudia Gray. My other writer friend, Z. W. Mohr, author of Desdemona’s Dreams, was also there. So many conversations about fantasy & sci-fi & writing, it was tons of fun, and Claudia Gray was very nice and a pleasure to listen to.

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Reading on Wednesday, New Projects

I’ll be reading a new piece at Esoterotica tomorrow (Wednesday) night, 8pm, at the Allways Lounge.

That’ll be after two business meetings. So many projects afloat!

I’ll post the new piece here when it’s finished tomorrow.

Update: Visions from the Dream Gyre


Today I’ll be ordering proof copies of my upcoming collection of short stories & poems, Visions from the Dream Gyre. It’s a collection of pieces I’ve written over the last 15 years, linked together by their connection to the world of dreams.

The cover is nearly finished, being painted by the wonderful Brandon K Jenkins, who did the cover for my second novel, The Axeboy’s Blues.

I’m hoping to get the book out in March, but I’ll keep you updated on that.


Inspired by Movie Trailers

Just settled in to write for the afternoon, and saw that there was a new trailer for Logan, the next Wolverine movie. Both trailers for this movie have been phenomenal, full of emotion, heartbreak and action.

I didn’t have a chapter I necessarily had to write next, there were several to choose from. But after watching the Logan trailer, I realized which chapter I had to start writing. “Oh, that one,” I said to myself, suddenly realizing what kind of emotions I was about to step into.

I’m in a section of the book (The Agents Of, Volume 2) where I’m delving into the characters of The Agents, delving into their back stories. The chapter I’m starting is one that’s been in my head for a long time, following the leader, Julius. It goes into his history, his family, where he came from. Imagine a man in the city of New Orleans, which is farely small in the way of cities, who has basically estranged his own family – not because of anything they did, but because he has dozens of lives worth of memories floating around in his head, along with a god, and is hell-bent on protecting the city from anything that might harm it. All of this doesn’t give much time for family life.

But also imagine what those family members would feel if he suddenly showed up after a year, missing a leg and an arm, healed scars trailing up his neck. Imagine what his mother would feel, what she would say…